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The "Asociación Ciudad de los Niños de la Imaculada", run by the Capuchin Brothers, welcomes our new web page! We are very happy to share with you our news and live at "Ciudad de los Niños".

We thank those who have helped us make this web page and we also invite you to send any suggestions to improve it.

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Redevelopment of our Central Sports Field!

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Brother Raffaele Ruffo, OFMCap, and his musical group from the Genoa Province for their redevelopment of our central sports field. This area is crucial to "Asociación Ciudad de los Niños de la Inmaculada" as it hosts many of our community events, and allows our boys to share their sporting skills and talents with one another!

For further information on this exciting project please visit Fra Raf's web page

Thank you Jesus!

You can be part of this Project! With your cooperation you will not only help kids and young adults that live at "Ciudad de los Niños", but also you will have a unique and enriching experience.

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How can you help us continue this beautiful work?

If you would like to help us continue with this worthy Project, there are 3 easy ways to collaborate with "Ciudad de los Niños".

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