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The "Asociación Ciudad de los Niños de la Inmaculada" is a Christian Home located in Lima-Peru. "Asociación Ciudad de los Niños de la Inmaculada´s” mission is to help children and young adults who suffer from physical and/or moral abandonment. The Christian Home houses orphans, and victims of social and family violence, as well as children from families that can not support them economically.

It was founded thanks to the initiative and love of an Italian Franciscan Capuchin, Francisco Minasso de la Riva Ligure, remembered as “Padre Iluminato”.

Padre Iluminato, originally from Genoa, Italy, became increasingly aware of the poverty and cruel reality that many of the children of Peru faced. Numerous young children, predominantly of Andean origin, were either orphaned or abandoned, and left alone to face the misery, violence, and hunger of the streets. Padre Illuminato decided that it was his mission in life to embrace and care for these young people.

By God’s grace and help, he founded “Ciudad de los Niños de la Inmaculada”. In this little ¨city¨ he proposed to give abandoned and vulnerable children and youths a home, dignity, an integral education, and the protection they deserved. This was not going to be merely a place to live; it was to be a place to provide a strong foundation for the children. Not only were they to receive an education, the children and young people were to be granted opportunities to develop skills and training in trades that would enable them to become positive, active members of their communities, sharing responsibilities.

On October 29th 1955, the "Asociación Ciudad de los Niños de la Inmaculada" obtained official recognition as a non-profit association that protects underprivileged youths.

The government gave Padre Iluminato 146 hectares of land. The land was vast and sandy beside the South Pan-American Highway, in a district of Lima called San Juan de Miraflores. It was here that "Ciudad de los Niños de la Inmaculada" was built. Presently, "Ciudad de los Niños" occupies 20 hectares of land.

On April 11th, 1969, our beloved “Padre Iluminato” died. Since then, “Ciudad” has experienced several different administrations. It wasn’t until 1992 that the “Capuchin Franciscan Brothers” reassumed control of the project, bringing with them all of the same love and faith that “Padre Iluminato”, our Founder, always had.